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On several occasions we were advised to go to Drs Elvin Papa and to be honest, it was a great experience. The time, attention and knowledge of Drs Elvin Papa was huge, it was a very special morning. It was a lovely film with our little one in the lead role! Get to know your child together with your loved ones, a must!  

/  Lieke van Lexmond  /


Elvin was fantastic. He introduced us to our baby girl and made us feel very welcome in a professional and friendly manner. We would recommend him to anyone. Every country should have an echocentrum and Elvin in it!

/  Darren Webster | Head Coach - Totem Cirque Du Soleil  /


This is a really special experience to share together before your child is born. And with the explanation of Drs Papa it’s complete. An absolute highlight during your pregnancy!



Choose the scan that suits you best


After having the scan, a link will be send to you so you can download the video and pictures, and share with your family and friends.


From 14 weeks

Price: €50

discover the gender of your baby during this short scan

✔ 2D

✔ Full HD Film

✔ Unlimited number of photo’s

Between 14 and 30 weeks

Price: €80

Extensive explanation about the anatomy of your baby, and find out the gender

✔ 2D

✔ Full HD Film

✔ Unlimited number of photo’s

echo regels-16.png

Between 25 and 30 weeks

Price: €130

Very extensive explanation about the anatomy, and see your baby’s face for the first time

✔ 2, 3 & 4D

✔ Full HD Film & Unlimited number of photo’s


Even more time and attention for your baby?

echo regels2-16.png

Between 25 and 30 weeks

Price: €150

The most extensive explanation about the anatomy during the longest scan we offer. See the face of your baby, and recognize yourself during this unforgettable moment.

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